Don Eduardo Añejo Tequila is distilled from 100% blue agave and aged two years. Most añejos are aged in barrels that have been previously used for rum, brandy or even other tequilas; Don Eduardo Añejo is aged exclusively in once-used ex-bourbon barrels, the best from Brown-Forman.

The control of origin and singular use of the selected barrels ensures that Don Eduardo attains and maintains a consistently higher level of quality, one never seen before in the tequila industry.  The barrels produce a naturally colored and flavored añejo. You will never find anything artificial in Don Eduardo Tequila.

Color: Pale yellow, straw cast
Aroma:Spicy aroma
Taste:Agave, dried herbs, sandalwood
Finish: Smooth, clean, dry

40% Alcohol by volume
Available in 750ml and 50ml

The delicate opening aroma offers lightly spiced and vegetal scents; further air contact releases additional odors including green pepper, cotton fiber, and a soft oaky sweetness.  The palate entry is delicate and mildly sweet; at midpalate the taste profile remains rather static and delicate... Concludes softly, moderately sap-like, and vegetal.
-F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, December 2004 and Wine Enthusiast Magazine, April 2005, Rated Very Good, (85-89) Recommended